Functional Group Percentages by Site

You may select a site, and up to eight sectors at a time from that site, from the menu at right. Most of the sites currently available are forts. Please remember to push the select button at the bottom of the menu. In the selection menu the current selections of fort and sectors are shown highlighted in orange red. These selections will remain chosen unless you purposefully deselect them or press the button entitled 'Remove Sector Selections'. This button can be used when you wish to completely remove previously selected sectors. When this button is pressed all the selected sectors are removed from the table.

A particular site may not have results from every sector or every stratigraphic context (all finds, stratified finds, good stratified finds) possible, indeed, it's far more likely only a few sectors will be represented in any particular site. This is due to the necessary limitations of the excavations (location available for excavation, time, money, etc) which took place at the site. Percentages for sectors for which the site has no results are marked 'n/a' in the table.

Each site may have more than one period of occupation. At this time, however, only the AP or 'All Period' (meaning all the occupation periods of the site taken as one) percentages from each site are available for perusal online. Period selection will be added soon!

Stratigraphic context was divided into three categories, depending upon the completeness of the published artefact catalogs about the site. These categories are 'All' which includes all items from the sector and functional group; 'Strat' which includes only those items which were found stratified; and 'Good' which includes stratified items from excavation reports with artefact catalogs which were considered complete (i.e. every artefact of that type from the site was included in the catalog instead of only a representative sample).

Also note that if the finds from a particular sector and stratigraphic context category number under 5 then the site is considered to have had no results from that sector/context.