The Composite Fort: Functional Group Percentage Means Tables

This page provides the percentage means by period of occupation for the functional groups from the sectors of the Composite Fort in a table format.

In order to see a table of Composite Fort percentage means, select an Occupation Period from the menu to the right. At the bottom of the form is a button, under 'Submit Period' which lets you submit and then view the results for the occupation period you've chosen.

When selecting a period to view, remember that 'AP' refers to all the periods of the composite fort considered together. This means essentially, the AP table includes percentage means developed from all the sites, all the periods of occupation, and all the finds in each stratigraphic context used in this study.

To discover more about the sectors visit the Sectors page under the Study Menu. To learn about the functional groups and sub-groups visit the Functional Groups page under the Study Menu.

The Composite Fort for a particular occupation period may not have results from every sector or every stratigraphic context (all finds, stratified finds, good stratified finds) possible. This is a result of the varied excavation limitations of the individual sites which make up the Composite Fort. Percentage means for sectors and stratigraphic contexts for which the Composite Fort has no results are marked 'n/a' in the percentage means tables. Sectors and stratigraphic contexts which produced less than five items for a particular occupation period in the Composite Fort are also marked 'n/a'.

Stratigraphic contexts are represented in the tables as 'ALL', 'STRAT' and 'GOOD'. Remember that 'ALL' includes all the items from the sector and functional group considered, 'STRAT' means those items found in stratified contexts from that sector and functional group, and 'GOOD' means those items from that sector and functional group found in stratified contexts, for which the artefact report was considered to be complete (in other words all the finds from the site were included).

These Composite Fort percentage means tables also contain information in the bottom three rows about how many sites were used to compute the percentage means featured in the tables. The number of sites varies by occupation period, sector and stratigraphic context.

Select a period from the Composite Fort to examine from the menu to the upper right.